What if I rent another supplier’s tank?

With the introduction of the competition commission in 2009, you can now switch your LPG supply. Switching suppliers is free and most importantly easy, we arrange the purchase of your existing domestic tank and you benefit from real savings on your LPG bill.

How often does the price change?

We change our prices at the beginning of each month, you can expect the price to rise and fall as it tracks the wholesale price.

What if I am under contract with another supplier?

Once your exclusivity period has ended you will be free to switch your LPG supply, you will need to download and complete a NOTICE 1 document and return it to us. The transfer can take no longer than 42 days.

What if I have gas left in my tank on the exchange date?

This is not a problem, you keep the same tank and it’s contents, we simply take over the ownership of the existing tank.

What happens if you deliver more or less gas than I have ordered?

Because we use various third-party agents to make LPG deliveries on our behalf, the tankers themselves will vary.
Some will have a pre-programmable automated system allowing the delivered amount to be exact, whilst a few of the tankers may be slightly older and not fitted with the modern system. This can result in the delivered liters not being exact.  If we put more liters in than you have ordered we will invoice you separately, if we put less in than the delivered amount we refund any amount over £10.

I own my Tank but have no certificate?

A qualified gas engineer will be required to certify your tank. If you are unable to source one, contact us as we may have the details of someone suitable.

I do not think my tank is sited correctly?

All LPG vessels have to be sited to COP1 (Codes of Practice). If your tank does not comply to COP1 we will not fill the tank until it complies to our engineer’s satisfaction. The tank may need to be resited in which case you would have to provide a new base and trench. In some cases the tank’s position may be compliant once another action is taken (e.g. removal of hedges, fences, etc)
If the tank cannot be resited we will either cancel your contract or remove the tank and recommend a cylinder supplier.

What happens to my old supplier’s tank?

We purchase the tank so nothing is physically exchanged; only paperwork is transacted.

Who pays for the regulators and fitting?

When a tank is installed as a rollover (from a previous supplier) it is free of charge as long as the tank is being sited in the same location.
If it is a new install there would be a charge which is dependable on-site conditions etc. (contact us for a charge)
You would be responsible for laying and maintaing all pipe work in the ground. We can provide the pipe FOC for this job.

Can anyone fill my tank?

If you have an Extrafuel tank installed then Extrafuel or a chosen supplier by Extrafuel may fill the tank.

When should I order?

We ask that you order when your tank is 30% we have a 900 liter minimum order quantity or, a full fill

How long will delivery take?

We quote up to 14 working days for deliveries (unless extreme weather conditions Prevent delivery)

How much does it cost to rent a tank from Extrafuel?

Our annual standing charges are per tank and include VAT

  1. Above Ground Tanks £78.75
  2. Under Ground Tanks £126

I have ran out of gas what should I do?

We can arrange an emergency delivery within 48 hours of you informing us, you will have to pay a call-out fee. Prices start from £150 If a call out is requested and you have LPG in your vessel this will increase the time on-site and in some cases will not allow us to transfer the LPG, this will result in an aborted delivery and may incur an additional charge.

How do I pay?

Your first delivery from Extra Fuel needs to be paid for upfront at the time the order is placed.  Subsequent deliveries can then be paid for by way of monthly direct debit,.
Alternatively, you can pay for your delivery by debit or credit card at the time of order